Decreased Rainfall, Floods in Jakarta Secure Early This Week

Decreased Rainfall, Floods in Jakarta Secure Early This Week. A little good news for the citizens of Jakarta since the middle of last week to deal with flooding and congestion. At least for the beginning of this week, the capital freed from the threat of flooding.

"The reduction in rainfall over the past two days have caused river water levels declined in the alert level III and IV. Means safe from the threat of flooding," said Head of Public Relations of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) Sutopo Purwo in a statement on Monday (22/1 / 2013).

Sutopo explained, in some places are still flooded as Pluit, Penjaringan, Muara Angke and some other areas near shore due to tidal influence and the influence of previous flood water can not flow into the sea. Pump system in Pluit Reservoir also not operate because it is still submerged.

Predicted highest tide tomorrow Thursday (24/1) to Saturday (26/1) to reach 1 meter between the hours of 9:09 to 9:46 pm. Tomorrow, Monday (21/1) at 8:10 pairs is estimated at 0.94 meters. Tuesday (22/1) as high as 0.97 meters, Wednesday (23/1) as high as 0.99 meters. Sunday (27/1) until the end of January estimated to be less than 1 meter.

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