South Ring Road Yogyakarta collapsed with a depth of about 15 meters

South Ring Road Yogyakarta collapsed with a depth of about 15 meters
South Ring Road Yogyakarta collapsed with a depth of about 15 meters, Sunday (01/20/2013). Allegedly, this road collapse due to erosion of the river that passes directly beneath roads. A bicycle rider died after falling into a gaping hole.

South Ring Road in the village collapsed Singosaren Banguntapan district, precisely on the east side of Terminal Umbulharjo. A gaping hole appears right in the slow lane of the east side to make way can not pass.

Allegedly, the sinking of the road that circles the city of Yogyakarta due to heavy rains and flooding that occurred a few days lately to cause the ground above the sewer unstable.

"Taludnya it actually would fix it, but have not had time to do is breaking. Overnight it's raining heavily and flooding as well, so scrape taludnya it", said Prapto local villagers.

At first glance, the hole diameter of about 5 meters of the river seemed to flow right down the street. Reruntuan chunks of asphalt strewn and relatively long bridge worth eastern side of the existing road to collapse to impede the flow of water.

As a result of the sinking of the road in the slow lane, a bicycle rider who was passing mired and died while being taken to hospital. However, because it is not found or other identity cards, police have yet to identify the victim.

"It was around 06.00 pm the victim was a man aged about 70 years old, dressed in a light blue color koko with dark pants. Secure bike We only camel (Java) with the characteristics of the front tire of black and white back," said Lili Bripka , members Pospol Ketandan Bantuntapan.

Police suspect this bicycle rider died when his head hit the asphalt fell into a pit road. Currently, victims deposited at the Hospital Wirosaban Yogyakarta.

"That's pretty waterfall inside. So due to aging, injury to the head that may be the cause. We hope families who are losing family immediately contacted the police or the hospital," added Lili.

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